Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our New Team Member - Jack Lewis

Hi, I'm Jack and I'm the newest member of the BSC team and am working on moving BSC into its next chapter through the development of The Roots Netwrok. Like Dom my background is at the science and mathsy end of the spectrum but I found the creative side of engineering helped to open doors into more entrepreneurial pursuits. I have dabbled in a bit of business development myself having founded a small adventure travel agency but really wanted to get involved in something a bit more worthwhile and fresh!

BSC has laid down great foundations in the Bath area and we are really excited about taking it to the next level. The Roots Network will aim to replicate the BSC model but with a whole new range of food, working with new people and communities from all over the UK. By keeping our ideals of locality, natural ingredients and community involvement we think a nationwide brand with locally-sourced ingredients made by local people could really have a great impact. My job at the moment is to help develop The Roots Network image into something exciting, recognisable and memorable. This was kick started a couple of days ago with the launch of our fantastic logo design competition, see the blog post below for more info. The next phase of work will be to develop the website whilst we start working with other communities in the Southwest. If you have any ideas or want to get involved in any of this process please let us know.

Its a really exciting time to be involved in social enterprise and today's announcement of 'Big Society Capital' (not sure about that name!) further reinforces the fact that more and more people care about making a difference and not just making money. Whether or not 'Big Society Capital' will last or indeed is sustainable is questionable but I think people's attitude to the way companies are operating is changing and the term 'value' now has a lot more to encompass than just turnover and profit. There is still a long way to go but hopefully the time of collaborative, socially-conscious business practice is here to stay and is not just a flash in the pan. Hey, if it doesn't work out at least we get to eat a lot of soup!     


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