Monday, April 2, 2012

Feeling creative? Get involved and win £250!

The Bath Soup Company is expanding and we want YOU to be involved!

We are creating a network of food producers that is built on the values of local produce, natural ingredients and positive social impact. We want to make and sell great tasting food made by people who deserve a second chance. We are currently working with the homeless community in Bath, providing them with practical work experience and training opportunities to get them back into employment. We think this model could be applied to help a wealth of different people all across the UK.

To start the process we want you to design a new logo for ‘The Roots Network.’ The best logo submitted will win £250.

The Logo sets the tone for the whole brand and for that reason we’ve produced a bit of a brief to give you a bit of guidance.

We want the logo to convey the following:·
  • Fun, honest and transparent business practice - 
  • Unlike most businesses, we have nothing to hide, in fact, we have a great deal to show!
  • Totally natural and wholesome - Just like our products. In terms of imagery, think rustic wood, crusty bread etc.
  • Community feel that encourages people to get involved - We want to bring communities together.

We also think our typical customer will have the following characteristics:·
  • 18-35 in age
  • Health conscious and active
  • Wide range of interests
  • Up-to-date with trends and technology
  • Interested in brands with a purpose
  • A bit rough around the edges!
We really like the imagery and fonts used on wartime propaganda style posters as we think they tick a lot of the above boxes. Maybe use these mood boards to get your creative juices flowing. The words ‘The Roots Network’ must be somewhere in the design.

Purpose, cause, happy, community, natural, authentic, rustic!

If you think you can turn this into something that will be used on websites, marketing literature, clothing and packaging all over the UK then give it a go! £250 says you cant!

Submit entries to by 7th May.
(max of 3 entries each)

Visit for more inspiration.

For more information please contact

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