Thursday, May 24, 2012

Roots Network Logos

A big thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the Roots Network Logo competition. The standard was really high and it took ages to decide on a winner. Well done to everyone involved.  We've listed some of our favourites here along with the winning entry from Carla Stobbs.

Winning Entry  - Carla Stobbs

We really like the way Carla's logo encapsulates everything in the brief. We think it conveys a great rustic feel that's fresh and appealing. Its simplicity makes it easily recognisable and suitable for a wide range of applications. The choice of font ties in well with the mottled, muted colours whilst still having a slightly edgy vibe.

Highly Commended - Gavin Rutherford

Gavin's logo is really striking and has a strong community feel about it. The choice of colours are excellent and the station sign like font works really well with the rest of the design. We really like the sense of solidarity and powerful imagery.

Highly Commended - Jo Harrison

Jo's font and colour choices here are superb. The logos simplicity really allows the core messages to be communicated. To us it feels honest, wholesome and fun!

Highly Commended - Paul Hicks

Paul's bold, simple logo has a great modern feel whilst still keeping that rustic edge. We really liked how the core font could be applied to a wide variety of shapes, keeping in mind our intensions of diversifying our product range.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Introducing Soup School!

Hi I’m Helen, and I’m new to BSC. I graduated last summer from the University of Bath and am now working alongside Dom to help set up and run the new Bath Soup Company Soup School project. I’m afraid this first blog post is probably very much over due now, as I’ve been working on this latest project for a few months already!
Following on from the success of the previous soup schools we are very excited to launch our next project this Thursday offering a complete “Growing to Plate” experience that will expose the Soup School attendees to a range of experiences and new contacts within the community.
We’ve arranged vegetable growing sessions up at Bath City Farm, and there’ll be bread making and soup-making tutorials led by BSC’s very own head chef Ian Duff and our expert bread supplier Duncan from The Thoughtful Bread Company. Each student will also complete an online health and hygiene Level 2 certification before gaining valuable hands on customer work experience at a range of venues across Bath. This aspect of the course is what makes it so unique and valuable to our soup school attendees, so I would like to say a big thank you to all our providers of these opportunities, especially Jacobs Coffee House, St Michael’s Church CafĂ©, and Prior Park National Trust.
So this week we’ll be kicking off this latest 9-week soup school project, beginning with an introductory session up at The University of Bath to welcome our students from The Big Issue, Julian House and The Genesis Trust.

For more information on this course check out the BSC website. We’ll be keeping you guys updated on this exciting new project here– plus follow the soup school through the BSC on Twitter!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

6000 litres of soup later! - An update from Ian Duff

Hello all!

Its been a while since my last blog and many things have changed at the Bath Soup Company since then!

I am now contractually employed within the company, which is a huge step from last year and we are going from strength to strength. We are currently suppling several venues around Bath on a weekly basis and the feedback is very promising.

At St Michaels Church Cafe (opposite Waitrose) we are their number one best seller, selling more than all their other menu items. A very positive reaction as we have only been suppling them for the 6 months.

We are also selling over 100 litres of Bath Soup to Jacobs Cafe per week (on to the Abbey Courtyard) and over the winter period we were up to 200 liters, which we certainly hope to grow on this year!

We have also placed our takeaway pots at Prior Park Garden Centre with great results - there is nothing more fulfilling than to see a product you have made on the shelf of a retailer. Just to think only 2 years ago I had nothing and now I have pride of place on the shelfs.

Also the National Trust property at Prior Park has recently started stocking Bath Soup, within 6 weeks we are now selling 20 litres per week through there outlet which is great. On Sunday the 22nd of April I will be demonstrating the art of soup making at Prior Park's Glorious Garlic event. Please come along, I'm on at 2.30 pm (but please no heckling!). I will be using Prior Park's own Wild Garlic, a product that grows in abundance on the grounds within the park so its another show case of the fine produce that's available within Bath and the surrounding area.

All in all a very busy and productive period and our hopes are still very much focused on helping people in the local community. Whether you are unemployed, homeless or just in need of trying something new, the reopening of the Bath Soup School brings a very exciting programe that will help teach people about the origins of food, give them Health and Hygiene certification and practical work experience. There is something for everyone, even if you have never sliced an onion our programe is set up for you all so please contact us through are web site or drop us a line and we will get back to you with all the information you need. Best of all it is 100% free.

We have also got several garden projects this year I am even turning my garden into an allotment with the help of Andy - one of my house mates and also one of our newest members of the Bath Soup Company Team. Andy will be helping me out with the production side as well as the garden projects and we hope to produce some great veg over the next few years, that's if we can keep the slugs off them - dont worry though we have a few tricks up our sleeves!

So to round things up it has been a fantastic year, I have had a lot of backing from a great many people and with their help things are going from strength to strength. We have many more ideas for the future, so please if you would like to join in this exciting venture, weather to volunteer or even if you are a local business that would like to give something back to your customers and community, please contact us.


(Head Chef)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our New Team Member - Jack Lewis

Hi, I'm Jack and I'm the newest member of the BSC team and am working on moving BSC into its next chapter through the development of The Roots Netwrok. Like Dom my background is at the science and mathsy end of the spectrum but I found the creative side of engineering helped to open doors into more entrepreneurial pursuits. I have dabbled in a bit of business development myself having founded a small adventure travel agency but really wanted to get involved in something a bit more worthwhile and fresh!

BSC has laid down great foundations in the Bath area and we are really excited about taking it to the next level. The Roots Network will aim to replicate the BSC model but with a whole new range of food, working with new people and communities from all over the UK. By keeping our ideals of locality, natural ingredients and community involvement we think a nationwide brand with locally-sourced ingredients made by local people could really have a great impact. My job at the moment is to help develop The Roots Network image into something exciting, recognisable and memorable. This was kick started a couple of days ago with the launch of our fantastic logo design competition, see the blog post below for more info. The next phase of work will be to develop the website whilst we start working with other communities in the Southwest. If you have any ideas or want to get involved in any of this process please let us know.

Its a really exciting time to be involved in social enterprise and today's announcement of 'Big Society Capital' (not sure about that name!) further reinforces the fact that more and more people care about making a difference and not just making money. Whether or not 'Big Society Capital' will last or indeed is sustainable is questionable but I think people's attitude to the way companies are operating is changing and the term 'value' now has a lot more to encompass than just turnover and profit. There is still a long way to go but hopefully the time of collaborative, socially-conscious business practice is here to stay and is not just a flash in the pan. Hey, if it doesn't work out at least we get to eat a lot of soup!     


Monday, April 2, 2012

Feeling creative? Get involved and win £250!

The Bath Soup Company is expanding and we want YOU to be involved!

We are creating a network of food producers that is built on the values of local produce, natural ingredients and positive social impact. We want to make and sell great tasting food made by people who deserve a second chance. We are currently working with the homeless community in Bath, providing them with practical work experience and training opportunities to get them back into employment. We think this model could be applied to help a wealth of different people all across the UK.

To start the process we want you to design a new logo for ‘The Roots Network.’ The best logo submitted will win £250.

The Logo sets the tone for the whole brand and for that reason we’ve produced a bit of a brief to give you a bit of guidance.

We want the logo to convey the following:·
  • Fun, honest and transparent business practice - 
  • Unlike most businesses, we have nothing to hide, in fact, we have a great deal to show!
  • Totally natural and wholesome - Just like our products. In terms of imagery, think rustic wood, crusty bread etc.
  • Community feel that encourages people to get involved - We want to bring communities together.

We also think our typical customer will have the following characteristics:·
  • 18-35 in age
  • Health conscious and active
  • Wide range of interests
  • Up-to-date with trends and technology
  • Interested in brands with a purpose
  • A bit rough around the edges!
We really like the imagery and fonts used on wartime propaganda style posters as we think they tick a lot of the above boxes. Maybe use these mood boards to get your creative juices flowing. The words ‘The Roots Network’ must be somewhere in the design.

Purpose, cause, happy, community, natural, authentic, rustic!

If you think you can turn this into something that will be used on websites, marketing literature, clothing and packaging all over the UK then give it a go! £250 says you cant!

Submit entries to by 7th May.
(max of 3 entries each)

Visit for more inspiration.

For more information please contact

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bath Soup at The Rec!

We're very excited to announce that we'll be offering fresh, hot soup at the Rec for Bath's next home game against Glasgow Warriers on the 21st January!

This will mark the start of a trial period to see how the fans take to us but we're really proud of the opportunity and will do everything we can to make it a permanent fixture!

If you're going to be there on Saturday, do come and check us out. We'll be in the Beer Tent, offering our tasty handmade soup, local artisan bread and homemade chocolate brownies!

We source our vegetables from local growers and growing initiatives so we have chosen two quality traditionals for the weekend to show that off...

Leek and Potato
(Sourced from Bath City Farm)

Carrot and Coriander
(sourced by Chris Rich from his farm on the northern slopes of Bath)

Either of these soups, served with bread will only cost £3.50 so why not come and give it a try?

There's so much more to us than just soup. 
To find out more about us and the work we do across the community, check out

Monday, January 16, 2012

Frome's Big Christmas Get-together

On Christmas day, more than 60 volunteers threw a Christmas Day party in Frome for those people who may otherwise have missed out on celebrating in a traditional way.

This amazing event was organised by Charlie Thomas, our friend from Frome's St. Catherines Market, and we were proud to help out by making soup for it.

Ian, our head chef, received a really nice thank you letter from Charlie last week, which I'd thought i'd share you. In doing so, I hope I can highlight how well this event was run and catch the eye of a few other local volunteers or producers who might like to get involved next year!

Dear Ian,

Thank you so much for your support of the Frome Big Christmas Get-together. With your help, we were able to feed over 80 people on Christmas Day, who otherwise would have spent the day alone. We had catered for 100 people, so there was some food left over, however on Boxing Day all leftover food was donated to YMCA on Bath Street. So you will be glad to hear that the project generated no wastage at all.

Prior to the event, we produced a poster for each of our sponsors and covered a wall with them, so that everyone taking part could see who had made the event happen. This will hopefully be visible on the film that Froe TV are currently editing, and will be available on soon. I have also written a letter to the Somerset Standard, which will be printed in next weeks newspaper, with a full list of all our sponsors.

Without the generosity of the local businesspeople of Frome and surrounding areas, this event could not have happened.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Thomas